Saturday, October 22, 2016

Michael J. Tresca gave 2 stars to: Dark Heaven Anushka Female Fighter RPR 03061

Michael J. Tresca reviewed:

Dark Heaven Anushka Female Fighter RPR 03061 by Reaper
2.0 out of 5 stars She may fall over any minute, October 22, 2016
I needed a miniature for a generic member of the ice hunter tribe that appeared in in the Sea of Moving Ice scenario from Rise of Tiamat. Anushka is probably the most Yupik-looking of the miniatures. That's one of the miniature's few redeeming traits.

Anushka has a Russian-sounding name so presumably she's Yupik, not Inuit. That explains the curiously out of place axe she's wielding. But really her biggest problem is she's boring. She's listed as a "female fighter" but she's just leaning forward on her axe at an almost impossible angle such that it looks like she'll fall over at any minute. Unlike the other miniatures from Reaper set in cold regions, at least this one required no assembly (it's all one piece) and therefore easier to paint.

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